The Hidden Costs of Not Replacing Your Roof

For most people the prospect of paying to replace one’s roof is not as exciting as buying a new car for example.  While most people recognize that their roof protects likely their greatest asset; their home, it still does not produce the same joy one may experience from new leather upholstery and a kick assRead More >

Why Are Roofing Prices Increasing in Toronto?

The roofing industry in Toronto is one of many construction services that has experienced increased costs necessary for the delivery of services.  The end result is that consumers ultimately end up bearing the costs of such industry changes. Factually there are a number of factors which have contributed to the current market roofing prices inRead More >

How Much Does Gutter Installation or Replacement Cost In Toronto?

The cost of gutter installation in Toronto can vary due to a number of factors. The first thing to define is the difference between gutters being installed on a new build home versus being retro-fitted on an existing home.  Where new construction is concerned; the typical scenario involves the repeat of a few home designRead More >

How to Install Rain Gutters

The earliest record of rain gutters dates back to the Roman period. Indeed the Romans were pioneers with regard to the earliest forms of plumbing , sewer systems and guttering.  All early civilizations had adapted their own methods of collecting rain water which was a necessary step for survival. In modern times, while there areRead More >

What Is a Gable Roof?

Aside from a “shed” style roof (one slope having a decending pitch); the gable roof is likely the most common roof design world- wide for homes. The simplistic design of two opposing slopes having a similar pitch; creates a sense of balanced symmetry when viewing over a particular structure. In many older neighborhoods of TorontoRead More >

How to Find Leaks in Your Roof Shingles?

Most residential homes have sloping roofs with a roof shingle covering. As a result there are many consumers that want to know how to find the source of their roof leaks.  For many people the prospect of getting up on one’s roof is daunting, especially if one does not own a tall enough ladder orRead More >

2021 Roof Replacement Costs in Toronto

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive pertains to roof replacement costs.  In 2021, the construction market continues to be strong in both Canada and the United States. This is in large part as a result of high consumer demand for residential re-modelling and maintenance projects, as well as contruction required to mitigateRead More >

Pitched Roof, Low-sloped Roof, and Flat Roof- Commercial Roofing Guide

Commercial building owners and managers have at one time or another, had the need to deal with roof replacement, repairs, and maintenance. As a result their roofing assets will involve one of, or a multiple of, roof design configurations. Flat roofs as an example represent a large portion of the roof coverings that relate toRead More >

How to Shingle a Shed?

During these Covid times many people are working from home and find themselves with some extra spare time to complete chores around their homes. One such chore could be needing to shingle a backyard or cottage shed. To hire a professional to do such work can be more expensive than if one could shingle aRead More >

SBS Roofing Systems-Guide for Commercial Building Owners

There are a number of choices of flat roof waterproofing systems that are available to commercial building owners. Within each product category, there are often multiple variations in how the waterproofing systems may be applied. As a result it can be confusing for a building owner to choose the best solution for their particular requirements.Read More >

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