Top 5 Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

Every year, people living in the GTA can expect a variety of weather conditions throughout the months of the winter season. For some homeowners and building owners, an unexpected and unwelcome surprise can come in the form of roof leaks or interior damage, as a result of harsh winter conditions. Where roofs are concerned; itRead More >

What To Do if Roof Shingles Get Blown Away?

This past spring; virtually all corners of our Province were impacted by severe wind storm events. Alberta experiences such occurrences every couple of years its seems; but for Southern Ontario, the most recent wind event resulted in over ten million dollars worth of insurance claims, affecting thousand of homeowners as a result of shingle andRead More >

How to Pick Shingle Colors for Your Home?

Shingle colors will impact your home’s visual appearance. With the prospect of installing a new sloped roof assembly; colour selection becomes an important consideration for today’s homeowner. For many homes; the roof can represent forty percent of the visual appearance, or curb appeal; in the designer’s vernacular. This is particularly true on homes that have steeperRead More >

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