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The Benefits of a Cedar Roof

Installation of a Cedar Roof Could Be a More Cost-Effective Long-Term Option In the home construction industry, the vast majority of building contractors routinely use asphalt shingles as their choice of roofing material. These shingles are comparatively easier to install than other types of materials, are generally less expensive, and have an average lifespan ofRead More >

What is a Green Roof?

A Green Roof Provides a Wide Range of Economic and Environmental Benefits In recent years, several major cities across North America have made concerted effort to escalate and even financially support the installation of green roofing in their respective urban landscapes. This includes the City of Toronto, which instituted a by-law in January 2010 that requiredRead More >

Why Fall is the Best Time for Any Roof Repairs

Many Factors Favour the Fall as the Best Time for Roof Repairs in Toronto One of the frequent topics of conversation among the residents of Toronto over the past summer was the amount of rainfall, particularly during the record-setting month of May, but also on a seemingly daily basis throughout June, July, and August. While lawnsRead More >

Why Homes Need Adequate Attic Ventilation

The Importance of Having Adequate Attic Ventilation for Your Toronto Home When a roof is functioning in optimal fashion, it will protect the home, its occupants, and its contents from the range of weather conditions experienced in Toronto throughout the various seasons of the year. It should therefore be obvious that the correct installation of aRead More >

Temporary Steps to Take Before Roof Leaks Can Be Professionally Repaired

Steps Homeowners Can Take Until Professional Roof Leak Repairs Can Be Done It is likely safe to say that few people have made any plans to deal with a potential roof leak. And although leaks rank very high on the list of commonly-performed roof repairs, especially as roofs age, any amount of water entering a homeRead More >

Everything You Wanted to Know About TPO Roofing

The Evolution of TPO Roofing and Its Advantages over Other Flat-Roof Systems In direct contrast to the sloped or pitched roofs installed on the majority of private/single homes, it is quite common to see flat roofs installed on commercial complexes, industrial buildings, educational institutions, and high-rise apartments/condominiums. Flat roofing is favoured in the latter cases becauseRead More >

Repairing a Brick Wall That Has Shifted or Buckled

Common Defects in Brick Masonry Leading to the Need for Restoration Services When homeowners or building contractors want to use a strong and enduring material for a particular structure, their thoughts may immediately turn to brick; whether for the exterior of a home, a chimney, an archway, or a backyard fire pit, brick actually offersRead More >

Why Your Roofer Should Have Certification for Working at Heights

Make Sure Roofers Have Working at Heights Training Before Signing a Contract There are likely more than a few Toronto-area homeowners who could tell a story or two about injuries they sustained while tending to some type of property maintenance; from minor cuts to major sprains, the circumstances behind these accidents were undoubtedly varied andRead More >

University of Toronto Researchers Offer Unique Perspective on Green Roofing

Green Roof Considerations to Achieve Optimal Ecological and Economic Effects Green roofing is a term commonly used to define a roof surface that supports the growth of vegetation on some or all of its space for the purpose of conserving water and energy. There are several environmental and financial benefits to installing green roofs in any/allRead More >

Tips to Help Toronto Homeowners to Choose the Right Roofers

Some Helpful Recommendations on How to Find a Reputable Roofer in Toronto For a majority of Toronto homeowners, it is quite likely that the contact information for a locally-based roofing contractor is not stored in their mobile phone or on a business card tucked into their wallet or purse. This is probably because the needRead More >

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