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Common Types of Roof Damage Over the Winter

Winter Roof Damage Often Results from Excessive Snow and Ice Accumulation When Toronto-area residents literally reset their clocks back to standard time on the first weekend of November, it would seem, in a figurative sense, that they are simultaneously resetting the thermostat for the region to a lower temperature. Said another way, there appears toRead More >

Knowing When It Is Time to Replace Your Eavestroughs

Many Different Signs Can Point to Eavestrough Repair or Replacement Needs An important part of overall roof maintenance that is frequently overlooked is the proper functioning of the eavestrough system, i.e. gutters and downspouts. A properly installed and optimally-working system carries run-off water from the roof via the gutters to the downspouts, which in turn directRead More >

Proper Drainage is the Key to Flat Roof Health and Optimal Performance

Proper Roof Drainage Can Prevent Leaks and Extend the Lifespan of the Roof When people entering or walking through a shopping mall, big-box department store, or office complex lobby see water dripping into large pails strategically located around the floor, it would likely lead to an immediate conclusion that the building has a leaky roof. Certainly,Read More >

The Pros and Cons of a Roof Replacement During the Winter

A Roof Replacement in Winter Weather Has Its Advantages and Disadvantages Similar to the implausibility of predicting a full series of winning lottery numbers, Toronto homeowners cannot accurately forecast/pinpoint when their roof may need replacement. Consequently, while a majority of roofers would likely prefer to ply their skills in times of warmer or more comfortable weather,Read More >

Copper Roofing and Its Benefits for Property Owners

Reasons to Install Copper Roofing or Copper Roofing Features on Your Building When property owners are looking to enhance the curb appeal of their home or business, and perhaps increase the value of that property, their initial thoughts might turn to such improvements as replacing doors and windows, re-landscaping, or re-designing the main entrance orRead More >

Installation of Skylights Presents a Wide Range of Benefits

There Are Many Benefits That Can Be Enjoyed from the Installation of Skylights Most people likely do not need published scientific data to support the positive effects of natural light on their mood/outlook toward personal and work-related matters. Informal surveys would probably produce enough evidence to conclude that people generally feel more energetic and engaged inRead More >

Know Your Warranty When Having a New Roof Installed

It is Highly Recommended to Read and Understand All Parts of a Roof Warranty By definition, a warranty is a written statement that guarantees the good condition of a product and further stipulates that the manufacturer or supplier has the responsibility for repairing or replacing that item for a specified period of time after itsRead More >

Signs That it is Time to Replace Your Roof

Common Signs Pointing the Need for Roof Repair or Roof Replacement Services Some homeowners might be of a mind that any corrective actions or repairs in or around their home only need to be addressed when there is evidence of malfunction, failure, or structural damage. Unfortunately for many of these people, when this attitude is appliedRead More >

The Benefits of a Cedar Roof

Installation of a Cedar Roof Could Be a More Cost-Effective Long-Term Option In the home construction industry, the vast majority of building contractors routinely use asphalt shingles as their choice of roofing material. These shingles are comparatively easier to install than other types of materials, are generally less expensive, and have an average lifespan ofRead More >

What is a Green Roof?

A Green Roof Provides a Wide Range of Economic and Environmental Benefits In recent years, several major cities across North America have made concerted effort to escalate and even financially support the installation of green roofing in their respective urban landscapes. This includes the City of Toronto, which instituted a by-law in January 2010 that requiredRead More >

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